Our Services

CSR Provides Complete Turnkey Plugging and Abandonment Operations and Services

The Services we provide are:

Well Plugging & Abandonment

CSR is a Leader in plugging Orphan wells, depleted wells, and problem wells that are to be taken offline. CSR Staff have over 50 years of oil field experience with hundreds of wells successfully plugged at or above state and federal regulations. CSR Supervisors have successfully plugged some of the most difficult orphan wells in the area. CSR Prides itself in being a ONE CALL service from pre-job planning, site access and mediation, safety meetings, performing all levels of plugging operations, to the completed well plugging, and finally site restoration to the natural environment.

Plugging & Abandonment Services provided:

  • Well Site Preparation and Reclamation
  • Wireline Services
  • Cement Services
  • Work over Rigs
  • Hauling and Roustabout Services
  • Well Control
  • Drill out and Clean out

Work Over Rigs

CSR provides a variety of company owned work over service rigs to suit your needs. These Rigs are capable of hook loads up to 90,000 lbs.  CSR Services is also able to  handle smaller needs with a single pole unit that can pull rods and tubing.  In addition, CSR’s four-wheel drive swab rig provides swabbing capabilities with a  variety of lubricators and tooling.  These units have experienced crews and supervisors that operate safely and efficiently to handle all your general well servicing and plugging needs.  CSR ensures that all safety measures are followed through planning, supervision, and well control.

Work over Rig Services Provided:
Swabbing Tubing
  • 8,000 feet of sand line
  • Experienced operators
  • Tooling to get the job done
  • Plunger fishing
Work Over Services
  • Pull / Run Rods
  • Pull / Run Rod Pumps
  • Pull / Run Tubing
  • Pull / Run Casing
  • Sand Pump
  • Bailing
  • Casing / Tubing Repairs
  • Well Head Repairs

Wireline Services

CSR services, LLC provides cost-effective E Line solutions. CSR wire line supervision comes with over 20 years’ experience performing all aspects of the E-line service.  The CSR Single Axle Wireline truck exhibits exceptional agility for maneuvering into  tight places.   It is comprehensively equipped with the latest Warrior 8 program and  precision control panels capable of delivering precise and accurate data logging capabilities. 

Wireline Services provided:
  • Cement Bond Log CBL
  • Collar location CCL
  • Gamma Ray
  • Perf and Squeeze Holes
  • Setting Notches
  • Tubing Cutting and Collar Busters
  • Casing Cutting and Collar Busters
  • Gauge Rings
  • Junk Basket

Cement Services

CSR provides a Cementing service for a variety of needs to ensure the safety, efficiency, and long-term viability of oil and gas applications. CSR staff have over 50 years of oilfield experience, adhering to or surpassing state and federal regulations.

Cementing Services provided:

  • Plug and Abandonment
  • Pumping Operations
  • Mobile Bulk Cement Truck
  • Mobile Cement Pumper

Well Site Preparation & Reclamation

CSR Services provides comprehensive, ONE CALL surface land services. CSR has a vast knowledge of over 50 years combined to handle all Surface Land needs. From the smallest pill of dirt moved to large environmental cleanups. CSR takes great pride in ensuring SAFE, thorough, cost-effective solutions to all your needs. CSR ONLY uses state and federally approved methods and disposals.

Well Site Preparation and Reclamation Services provided:
Environmental Containment, Hazards and Spills
  • Mitigation of further contamination
  • Proper clean up and disposal through approved State and federal regulations
  • Monitoring of clean up, air and soil monitoring to ensure ALL contaminates are removed
  • Restoration of affected areas back to clean natural habits for vegetation and wildlife
General Dirt Work
From General dirt work and well site preparation and reclamation

In addition, CSR also provides all types of Dirt work needed, we have:

  • Bulldozers
  • Excavators (Mini and Larger)
  • Skid Steers with Multiple Dirt Attachments
  • General Grading Levels
  • Seeding Machines
Well site Preparation and Restoration
for Plugging and Abandon operations
  • E & S plans used to control the least amount of disturbance
  • Proper use of Silt fence, filter socks and all necessary environmental controls
  • Clear the access roads and work site for safe and necessary operations
  • Post abandon well clean up of the areas disturbed back to a CLEAN healthy environment by, ensuring proper drainage, seeding, and planting to blend in with current surroundings.
  • Environment Containment to prevent ground containment 

Hauling & Roustabout Services

CSR offers full-service water and oil hauling services along with all aspects of hauling, including heavy haul trucks, cement trucks, and equipment. We have from 27  BBL High-pressure hot water treatment trucks to 100 BBL vacuum tri-axle trucks.   CSR Operators have several years’ of experience in the oil and gas field and are versed in proper fluid handling techniques. All vehicles are state and federally licensed, along with all necessary permits. CSR has a team of qualified personnel who have the experience, training and expertise to handle and complete various tasks within the industry.  Such tasks include flowline installation and repairs, poly fusing, water transfer, heavy equipment operators, equipment rig up and rig down, reclamation work, site maintenance, etc.


Hauling & Roustabout Services provided:

Transportation of Equipment

Safety transport various heavy machinery Bulldozers, all size Excavators , Skid Steers with Multiple Dirt Attachments, Seeding Machines

Water & Oil Hauling

Best practices to ensure a green operation and full restoration to natural habitats

Safe Transport 

Haul and disposal through approved State and federal regulations

State & Federal Licensed 

CSR ONLY uses state and federally-approved methods and disposals for transportation materials


CSR Services, LLC is also able to provide you with various consultant services. We have personnel ranging from 15 to over 30 years’ of experience. We are available to assist you with manpower issues, solving difficult challenges, or just be a fresh set of eyes to assist on short-term projects. All these services are done with a priority on Safety and cost-effective value. We are there for you be it for a few hours, or until the project is complete.


Some of our main areas of knowledge are:
  • Plug and Abandonment
  • Completions Operations
  • Water Transfer
  • Budgeting
  • Problem Solving
  • Wireline
  • Swabbing
  • WOR / Snubbing
  • Daily Supervision

Additional Services Are Available On a Case-by Case Basis

CSR wireline supervisor comes with 22 years’ experience performing all aspects of the E-line Service. Our Unit is a Single axle Texas Wireline truck so it’s able to maneuver into tighter locations. We are also equipped with the Newest Warrir 8 control panel to provide the fastest most accurate data possible. Our truck is equipped with a large company man’s are so they can watch live all services we are providing along with hard copy of all logs performed.